Introducing Pendulum Finance

Pendulum Finance
3 min readMar 15, 2021

Pendulum is the pioneer of Decentralised Finance built within the LGCY Network ecosystem.

Pendulum Finance is the latest DeFi protocol that is being built upon the upcoming mainnet launch of LGCY Network. The goal of Pendulum Finance is to provide a fast, efficient and cost effective protocol that enables our community to earn rewards each block for staking their PLP tokens (Pendulum Liquidity Tokens) in the Pendulum Farming portal.


The Pendulum Finance team have been in discussion with the LGCY Network team, including active involvement in the developer testing stages of the forthcoming Supernova MainNet.

The LGCY Network team, as part of the developer fund team program, have committed resources to support the development of Pendulum.

The support includes both financial support to develop the project, but also strategic and marketing support to help grow Pendulum into a platform that can support future dApp development on the LGCY Network enabling dApps to instantely bring yield to life through Myriadex. Utilizing the decentralized exchange for the deepest liquidity and the fastest transactions.

LGCY dApps Ecosystem

At launch the liquidity mining of PEND will be focused on LGCY and USDL.

  • PEND / LGCY (core)
  • PEND / dApp

Launches of new dApps on LGCY will be added to pool and yield PEND, with multipliers to support and grow the dApp ecosystem. PEND tokens can be harvested, sold or added to compound gains. PEND tokens are used as governance and will be the base pair for yield farming. More on specifics will follow in the coming weeks.

Funding provided by the LGCY Network team will also provide initial liquidity to the Pendulum Finance protocol.

The Pendulum protocol is powered by the $PEND token and will initially launch with Yield Farming functionality, but the team will publish a forward roadmap to further diversify the offering into a broader range of DeFi services.

“ Pendulum provides our community with a range of Yield Farming opportunities, and as new projects are added to LGCY the range of Yield Farming opportunities will continue to increase.” Justin Wai’au — Co Founder LGCY Network

We will incentivise Liquidity Pairs by offering Liquidity Providers the opportunity to stake their PLP tokens (Pendulum Liquidity Tokens) into our farms to earn attractive yields while also benefiting from the speed and cost effectiveness of the LGCY Network protocol.

Over time our community will benefit from unique opportunities and incentives enabling them to earn attractive yields on a range of projects that will be launched within the LGCY ecosystem and benefit from the networks lightning fast speeds and cost effectiveness.

LGCY network provides a safe, cost effective and fast blockchain network on which to build #DeFi protocols enabling a cost effective solution to the community.

We look forward to releasing our litepaper and more information in the coming weeks. Expect more articles explaining the governance, how yield farming will work together with more details on the future development plans. More insight in tokenomics & further details to ensure Pendulum Finance offers the LGCY Network community an opportunity to get involved in the early stages of the project.

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Pendulum Finance

Pendulum Finance is a fast, efficient and cost effective protocol that enables DeFi on LGCY Network by utilizing MyriaDex capabilities